BMW 135i & 335i – Fuel-It Stage 1 Fuel Pump Install (N54)

I ordered a Fuel-It! Walbro 255 inline fuel pump kit so I could run E85 fuel for more power. The factory LPFP could handle a smaller mix of E85, but it was maxed out at that. I met up with Bob for help with the install. He has installed the pump before and also has the flashing tools and software. We installed the pump this weekend and flashed the ECU with a free E85-specific flash that BMS offers.

BMW 135i ready for install

First step: remove the fuel pump bucket from under the rear seats…

BMW 135i fuel pump location

As you can see in the picture above, we unplugged the connections first. I didn’t take any pictures of the actual removal process. It’s fairly straightforward if you follow Steve’s instructions. Here it is, removed:

BMW 135i fuel bucket

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BMW 135i & 335i – VRSF Catless Downpipes Install (N54)

I bought some used VRSF 3″ catless downpipes for $300 and decided it was time to put them in. Most people on the forums say they would rather pay to have it done if they had to do it all-over again. In other words, I went into this expecting it to take a while…

BMW 135i downpipe install

We were pretty slow throughout the whole process. I was able to loosen most of the nuts, but one in particular was giving me trouble. It was in a really tight spot and we ended up rounding it off. I had a friend heat the stud with a torch and use an air chisel to snap it off.

BMW 135 downpipe install - torch

After we got that out of the way, we still needed to unbolt brackets, v-bands, four O2 sensors, and unhook the whole exhaust from the hangers. We even had to unbolt the steering rack and move it out of the way for more room. I would recommend replacing both v-band clamps when installing downpipes. Maybe we should have started earlier?

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BMW 135i (E82) – ZHP 6-Speed Shift Knob

I was surfing the forums when a good deal popped up for a ZHP shift knob. I’ve always liked the look of the ZHP knob and figured it was time to replace the worn BMW Performance knob that I had.

zhp-shift-knob(Note the wear on the right side)

Finally something to match the steering wheel!
ZHP shift knob

zhp-shift-knob-3 zhp-shift-knob-4

I couldn’t be happier. It’s actually formed to the shape of my hand, unlike the BMW Performance knob. It has a much more natural feel and is easier to go through the gears.

Conclusion: It feels great with the short shifter. Money well spent!