BMW 135i – Winter Wheels and Tires

I was initially planning on storing my 1-series over the winter months, but the unexpected always seems to happen. My winter beater decided to throw a rod about a week into driving it. Wisconsin was getting pounded with snow and I had no other choice than to buy a set of winter wheels and tires for this car.

I bought the following from TireRack for under $1,300 shipped:

I took advantage of the free mounting and balancing they offer when you buy a set of both wheels and tires. They arrived like this:

TireRack wheels

I quickly removed the summer wheels and installed this new winter set. My first impression of them was great. Quiet, smooth, and soft.

Once the snow starting falling, I put them to the test and they performed perfectly. Unless the snow is halfway up the front bumper, I have faith that this car could bring me anywhere!

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