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BMW 135i – Blackline Taillights Install

I’ve always preferred the look of smoked tail lights, but oftentimes the results are unflattering. I didn’t want VHT Nightshade anywhere near my BMW. Then I found out that BMW sells OEM tinted LCI taillights overseas. The only reason they aren’t offered in America is because they aren’t DOT-approved. Half of my car is no longer DOT-approved, so I decided to order them anyways.

I got mine on eBay, but now they can be purchased in the U.S. from ECSTuning. After about 4 weeks, they finally arrived! I couldn’t wait to install them.

Pre-LCI vs Blacklines - off Taillights OFF – LCI Blacklines (left) vs. OEM pre-LCI (right)

Pre-LCI vs Blacklines - on Taillights ON – LCI Blacklines (left) vs. OEM pre-LCI (right)

The install was very straight forward and only took about 30 minutes from start-to-finish. The LCI Blacklines were actually brighter than my OEM taillights. I’m very happy with the purchase and believe they’ve transformed the rear-end of the car.

BMW 135i - Blackline Taillights

Click the link below to see more comparison pictures.

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