BMW 135i & 335i – BMS Dual Cone Intake Install (N54)

Last week, I bought a used BMS Dual Cone Intake kit on 1Addicts! It was just too good of a price to pass up. When I opened the box, I found a pair of very dirty white filters. I regret not taking pictures of them because they almost looked black.

After soaking them with degreaser and rising them off, they looked brand new again! A couple minutes in the sun and they were dry. Then I grabbed a can of K&N filter oil and sprayed a nice coat on top. To my surprise, the oil was red! My precious white filters were no longer white! Oh well… they still look great.

BMW 135 - BMS dual cone intake

BMS claims that these puppies add at least 15HP to the wheels. I’m not sure how accurate that is but the sound is intoxicating! I had no problems with the K&N panel filter in the OEM airbox, but I read that it can be restrictive at higher boost levels. For only $25, I couldn’t go wrong with these. A quick test run proved that the car pulls great and sounds much better. Plus, I like the look of these under the hood.

BMS Dual Cone Intake dyno chart

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4 Replies to “BMW 135i & 335i – BMS Dual Cone Intake Install (N54)”

  1. Thanks for your killer website! I follow you on Instagram and really appreciate all the effort you put into this. For someone far less knowledgeable about their 135i, it’s extremely helpful.

  2. I’m pretty sure the BMS filters are similar to AEM dry filters, which unlike K&N are not supposed to be oiled.

    1. BMS sells the oil for them so I would be surprised if they weren’t supposed to be oiled. I could be wrong, but I no longer have these filters anyways.

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