BMW 135i – Winter Wheels and Tires

I was initially planning on storing my 1-series over the winter months, but the unexpected always seems to happen. My winter beater decided to throw a rod about a week into driving it. Wisconsin was getting pounded with snow and I had no other choice than to buy a set of winter wheels and tires for this car.

I bought the following from TireRack for under $1,300 shipped:

I took advantage of the free mounting and balancing they offer when you buy a set of both wheels and tires. They arrived like this:

TireRack wheels

I quickly removed the summer wheels and installed this new winter set. My first impression of them was great. Quiet, smooth, and soft.

Once the snow starting falling, I put them to the test and they performed perfectly. Unless the snow is halfway up the front bumper, I have faith that this car could bring me anywhere!

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4 Replies to “BMW 135i – Winter Wheels and Tires”

  1. How have done this winter with those tires? I live in Chicago and very concerned about getting a rear wheel drive car. I’m looking at a 135 and the owner will throw in a set of blizzaks.

    PS. Love the site.

    1. My 1-series has been great this winter. Don’t expect it to be a 4×4 truck or AWD car, but with RWD is fine with proper snow tires. Paired with DCS and ABS, you shouldn’t have any problems. Take your time and be careful when needed, but don’t worry too much. This car is my daily driver and I wouldn’t hesitate driving it across country with these snow tires.

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