BMW 135i (E82) – Interior LED Conversion

Why do cars still come with halogen headlights and crappy interior bulbs? It’s 2015, Xenons and LEDs should be standard issue, since the 1 series is pretty old – I decided to take it upon myself to upgrade the interior lights.

I finally ordered some LEDs from ECSTuning. They actually sell a full LED kit specifically for the 135i. Here are my results:

BMW 135i - front dome light conversion BMW 135i - rear dome light conversion BMW 135i - glove box light conversion BMW 135i - trunk light conversion

There were no instructions, but the install was pretty straight forward. The front dome lights were easier for me to get at by dropping the headliner. Simply unclip the visors, pop open the visor holders (not the swinging section) and unscrew the T27 screw. Once you remove this piece from each side, the headliner should droop down. Now you’ll be able to slide your hand in and remove the bulb holders. The rest of the lights just require popping a cover off and replacing the bulb.

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