BMW 135i – OMGSplitters Front Splitter Install

It was just another day browsing 1Addicts when I stumbled upon a thread about custom front splitters by fmxomar. There was a ton of interest, but no one had installed one yet. For the price, I figured I’d pull the trigger on the front splitter and a set of side splitters.

I thought these two items would flow perfectly with the Rieger rear diffuser that I’ve had my eyes on. The parts arrived within a week and came with installation hardware, but no mounting holes. I guess that’s what a drill is for! First step: remove the front bumper.

BMW 135i - front bumper removedI started off by clamping the splitter to the bottom of the bumper and then lined everything up. 9 holes later and it was attached. I still wanted to mount the OEM wheel wind deflectors, so I trimmed 1/2″ notches in the back of the splitter to make room.

BMW 135i - installing splitter

Because both parts are plastic and the splitter wasn’t structurally mounted, I didn’t want to take the chance of it folding under at high speeds. So, I installed two APR support rods. It took a little courage to drill into a perfectly good front bumper, but it was a risk I was willing to take. I followed the center-flow design and made sure to use large washers on the back of the bumper. Everything was secure so I quickly re-mounted the front bumper. It is a very sturdy setup.

BMW 135i - custom front splitter installedOverall, I am very satisfied with this splitter. I would not recommend mounting it without supporting rods, but feel free to do so at your own risk. Stay tuned for the side-skirt installation in about a month!

BMW 135i - custom front splitter installed

BMW 135i - custom front splitter installed


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12 Replies to “BMW 135i – OMGSplitters Front Splitter Install”

  1. When you attached the splitter did you reuse the factory screws on the underside of the bumper? Or did you use the screws included with the kit?

    1. I did NOT re-use the factory screws. You need to drill new holes and use heavy duty hardware. I used large bolts, nuts and washers. I would also recommend installing support rods to hold it up. I don’t know how well it would hold up at high speeds if you were to just mount it on the bottom.

      1. Man, a tape measure would go a long way to help the 135i crowd wanting to do the support rods. 😉 Hook us up!

        Is this sturdy enough for track use?

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