How To Walnut Blast Your BMW N54 / 335i / 135i

Walnut blasting is one of the most common maintenance tasks for the N54 engine to remove carbon buildup from the intake valves. Some shops or dealerships charge an arm and a leg for this service, but it can be done at home for much less!


You’ll need the following parts & tools:

For a complete kit, ready to go (minus compressor), you can get the walnut blasting DIY kit shipped to you straight from BavAuto.

Let’s get started. First you will need to remove the intake manifold. Read this step-by-step process to complete this step.

Once the intake manifold is removed, you should watch my DIY video that will walk you through the rest of the steps!

I took some photos along the way if you need something to reference.




And the finished results…





2 thoughts on “How To Walnut Blast Your BMW N54 / 335i / 135i”

  1. $224.95 + you have to buy a compressor. That’s about as much as you will get charged if you go to a specialist. However, this is a good investment because from now on, you can do it yourself everytime and even offer it to other people. I love that kit!

    Haven’t bought it yet but if I’m keeping my 335 n54, I will look into this for sure. Thanks!

    1. True, but I knew I’d get my use out of it since I own multiple N54 cars and offer the service to other locals. I’m glad you find this writeup helpful!

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