How-To: Install APEX Stud Conversion Kit for BMW

I recently purchased a 75mm Wheel Stud Conversion Kit from APEX Race Parts to go with my APEX ARC-8 wheels. I chose the kit with hex head studs and silver lug nuts.

This kit  makes wheel changing much easier and allows you to use spacers without having to buy extended lug bolts.

As the weather has been getting warmer, I decided it was the perfect time to install them with my summer wheels. So, I documented the process to share!

Step #1 – Loosen all 5 lug bolts while the car is on the ground.
Loosening lug boltsStep #2 – Jack up the car, take off lug bolts, remove the wheel.
Removed wheelStep #3 – Apply a drop or two of thread-locker onto the threads at the short end of the stud.
Thread locker on studs Step #4 – Screw in the stud until it is hand-tight. Repeat these two steps until all 5 bolts have been inserted.
Hand-tighten the studsStep #5 – I bought the hex head stud kit, which accepts a 5mm hex key. I slid my 5mm hex key into a 5mm socket and attached it to a torque wrench with an adapter. Set your torque wrench to 25 ft/lbs and tighten all 5 studs. (You will need to have a friend press down the brakes while you are tightening the front studs. The e-brake will hold the rears while you tighten them.)
Torque down the studsStep #6 – Slide the wheel back on the studs. Make sure it is centered on the hub. Tighten the supplied lug nuts onto all 5 studs.
Screw on lug boltsStep #7 – Lower the car onto the ground. Grab your torque wrench again and set it to 88 ft/lbs. If you did not use a spacer, you will need a deep 17mm socket. Tighten all 5 lug nuts.Torque down lug boltsStep #8 – Repeat these steps on the other 3 corners and enjoy!
APEX Stud Conversion Kit Installed

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2 Replies to “How-To: Install APEX Stud Conversion Kit for BMW”

  1. Hi, Interested to know how you are getting on with the Apex wheels / tire widths fitted,
    Looking through the tread your running 18×8.5 front with 235/40/18 & 18×9.5 rear with 265/35/18 ,
    What is the clearance like? Did you have to roll the arches to accommodate? I see your using a 10mm spacer on the rears, did you have to change the offsets at all?

    1. I am lowered on Eibach Pro-Kit springs, so I had to roll the front fenders flat to fit these wheels with the 235/40 tires. For the rear, I also had to roll the fenders to fit the 10mm spacer. My wheels are originally +62 offset, so with the 10mm spacer they are effectively +52 offset. If you are not lowered, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about rubbing.

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