BMW 135i (E82) – LUX H8 Angel Eye Upgrade

After owning my 1-series for over a year, I finally got sick of the halogen angel eye bulbs. I previously coded their voltage intensity up higher to make them brighter, but I still didn’t like the warm color.

So, I decided to buy myself an early Christmas present! LUX was running a sale, so I grabbed a pair of their latest and greatest angel eyes. Their LUX H8 angel eyes advertised a pure white 7000k temperature with extreme brightness. Perfect!

LUX H8 Angel Eyes

I received them a few days after ordering and wanted to install them right away. All I had to do was pop the rear headlight covers off. They can be finicky, but you’ll figure it out. After the cover was off, I twisted the old bulbs out. Next, I inserted the new bulb and tucked the power supply box out of the way. Drum roll please…

Stock vs. LUX H8 Angel Eye

Much whiter and much brighter! Awesome. The other side was just as easy. Once both sides were finished, I made sure the headlight covers were sealed. Again, this can be tricky, but it’s important because if they aren’t tightly sealed, you’ll get condensation in your headlights.

If you have any problems, refer to their installation guide here.

LUX H8 Angel Eyes Installed

I buttoned everything up and took the car for a drive. Very happy!

BMW 135i - Angel Eyes

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